Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tuesday 20th March 2018....blink and the day is gone!!!!

My day started out on the 🎾 tennis courts two hours of fun played under brilliant sunny skies......

The Jacaranda trees are now in full bloom I love them and their glowing colours!!

I then went out to the Tuesday market it is really a huge market for the locals and the saying goes
that if you cannot find it at the Tuesday market it does not exist!!!
True to form I found the two items I was looking for that I had tried to find in other stores.

Came back to town and stopped at the mirador for the panoramic view of down town and the trees🌲 


Spent an afternoon at home sorting through my stuff as it is fast approaching when I shall be heading to the border...did some laundry.....I know exciting days!!!

    I know I am going on a bit but it is very very frustrating trying to post I am using two Apps and getting the photos including and then text next week I shall have to get an appointment with a techie and get it sorted.


Monday, March 19, 2018

Monday 19th March 2018..a learning curve!!!!

I am hoping the six dollars I spent to down load an App helps me publish the blog easier than before...we will see!!!

Today is a holiday in Mexico...

The birthday of Benito Juárez is celebrated as a public holiday in Mexico on the third Monday in March. This national hero is known for making reforms to create a democratic federal republic.

This monument in Mexico City is dedicated to Benito Juárez

Celebrate Benito Juárez Day

A few political events are held to celebrate Benito Juarez’s birthday. His birth city San Pablo Guelatao hosts a range of activities, including contests, tournaments, fireworks and popular dances, to honor him.

Public Life

Benito Juárez Day is a federal public holiday in Mexico. Banks, schools, government offices and many businesses are closed. People intending on travelling via public transport in Mexico should check with public transit authorities on any timetable or route changes.

About Benito Juárez Day

Benito Juárez was born in San Pablo Guelatao, Oaxaca, on March 21, 1806. He was a lawyer who later held many public offices including as state legislator, civil judge, government secretary, and governor. In 1853 he was exiled to the United States due to political conflict. The following year he helped publish the Plan de Ayutla, which ended the dictatorship of political leader Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, thus convening a new Constitutional Congress.
In 1857 Juárez was elected president of the Supreme Court of Justice, a position he held until December of that year, when he became president. From then until his death in 1872, he led the government during historically significant events including the Reform War, the French Intervention, the Second Empire and the republic’s restoration.

After my workout at the gym I went into town I had lots of time as there is no English tonight because of the holiday.....I used my Smart phone to take these street scenes...

Such vibrant colours!!

I did it I think but not sure how.......will figure it out soon I hope,,,



Still testing

And again

And again

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday 18th March 2018.....the good and the bad!!!

Today was a lovely sunny day perfect for my final slam tennis event that I had organized for a group of my tennis friends but unfortunately one of the players had to cancel due to sickness it was to late to find a replacement so I had no option but to cancel the tournament...the good side of that is that I was able to watch live from Palm Springs the men’s tennis final and believe me if you did not watch it you missed a classic and incredible game

These athletes are quite amazing.

After the game Gracie and I went to the Botanical gardens where the annual Spring concert in the 
canyon was being held.....I go every year to this concert and the location is quite stunning and the music fun and entertaining...another thing I like about the location is that in a few months in rainy season there will be water cascading over the very rocks where the performers are..a pity I will not see it later in the year.....


Saturday, March 17, 2018

Saturday 17th March 2017......a green day!!!

Th only person I know who celebrates this day is my lovely friend of 30 years Vicky and her husband Lorne who live in Smoky Lake Alberta my home for many years back in the 80’s...good memories...

If any of my readers have some Irish in their blood I wish you a great day too.....out of respect I am wearing my green tennis shirt and socks to go to tennis this morning 🎾....

I did learn in the information that I gave to my students on Wednesday that this celebration today is one of the largest in the world....

Have fun be safe out there...


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Thursday 15th March 2018.....another great day!

i was not scheduled for tennis this morning so again I had a nice breakfast and then went to meet Jerry...remember Paula and Jerry were taking care of Little Bluey for a few days....

We met up and went out to the RV park where they are staying....we had a great visit and Paula cooked a lovely lunch and then a photo taken of the three of us with Little Bluey......I do not know when I will see them but we have that special bond where when we do connect again it will feel like no time has passed!

I then went about four miles out of town into a small campo where I watched and listened to an amazing concert given by the Yale Glee Club for kids in the campo....

I have never heard a glee club before and their voices were amazing and the kids were thrilled...I sure hope the photos come out...

I still cannot figure out out to get an individual photo upmloaded and then I can write some comments anyway the photos really speak for themselves......


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Wednesday 14th March 2018...one of those just plain good days!

Had a little lie in this morning and then went to the gym and had a great workout I told Aaron he was the best trainer at the gym I see other trainers on their phones whilst with clients ...doing the exercises too fast..he is awesome 👏

The is afternoon the money kept rolling in at poker with another stunning win of ten yes you read it right ten pesos!!!!!

Tonight was a fabulous English class I had invited my friend Kristen to come, she was the one that has been here before teaching the students how to make poppies, coconuts for the carnival and today she showed them how to make shamrocks......six students showed up and I had asked them to wear green and they all did and my friends Paula and Jerry came to class too also in green...it was so fun to watch how artistic they all are a wonderful class and I finished it by handing out chocolates in green wrappers......so a special day ended with Gracie, Paula and Jerry and I having a smashing dinner at a restaurant across the road.....

Now I am hoping that the photos I took on my smartphone will be downloaded here..if they do great you will see how much fun they had and their master pieces and if not sorry I am going to a class on Monday afternoon where I hope I can sort it out!!!!!


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tuesday 13th March 2018....still having issues with photos!!!!

I am still having problems trying to get the photos from the iPad inserted into this blog page...

I can get them onto the blog but then when I try to scroll down to type under the photos I cannot scroll....this is a tad annoying....one one got any suggestions??


Tuesday 20th March 2018....blink and the day is gone!!!!

My day started out on the 🎾 tennis courts two hours of fun played under brilliant sunny skies...... The Jacaranda trees are now in full b...